Colic Baby Remedies: How Chiropractic Care Can Help

Pediatric Chiropractor for Baby Colic

Colic is a common condition that almost every new parent must endure. It can make a baby seem unusually fussy and unable to be soothed, leaving parents feeling powerless to help or calm the child.

If this sounds familiar, your family may be interested in chiropractic care. A pediatric chiropractor offers safe and gentle remedies that target the source(s) of baby colic, rather than masking the symptoms with a prescription.

What Is Baby Colic?

When babies are a few weeks old, they are at risk of developing colic, which can appear with symptoms ranging from abdominal pains to reflux. The condition often lasts until the baby is three to five months old.

You can tell if your baby is experiencing colic because it is accompanied by crying for more than three hours a day for multiple days exceeding three weeks.

Colic Symptoms

It may be difficult to distinguish between colic and normal behavior, because babies get fussy and cry. Mayo Clinic advises that signs of colic are intense crying that looks painful, crying for no apparent reason, or predictable crying with evening episodes. Babies with colic may arch their backs, make fists, and fold their legs into their stomachs.

If your baby is demonstrating these characteristics, chiropractic care offers a holistic, drug-free approach.

Colic Care With Chiropractic Adjustments

Babies can experience neurological stress and misalignment of the back and neck during childbirth. This stress, neurological tension, and misalignment can lead to digestive issues, resulting in colic.

A pediatric chiropractor can administer small adjustments to release neurological stress, correct the spine, and restore wellness. Some parents may be unaware of the benefits of a pediatric chiropractor for colic and feel that the approach is unsafe for their baby. Parents should look for experienced pediatric chiropractors to perform adjustments.

The doctor applies gentle pressure to the neck and back, which is different from adult chiropractors. When you choose Restore Chiropractic for services near Maple Grove, you’ll be in expert hands!

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