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Recover and Heal Faster When Stressed or Sick

Recover and Heal Faster When Stressed or Sick

Since it often takes weeks, months (and sometimes years) for certain health conditions to arise, restoring your brain and body to a state of OPTIMAL health won’t happen overnight, but occurs gradually as you make positive daily choices that de-stress your nervous system and help it function at it’s best.

Every body is different, so there will be some variation on what each individual needs. But there are a few basic guidelines that will improve anyone’s health if followed consistently over time.

Whether your health concerns have recently begun or they’ve been lingering for a while, apply the following lifestyle practices to support your body’s innate desire and ability to heal itself from the inside-out.

Test, Don’t Guess: What Your HRV Score Reveals About Your Health

One of the strongest markers of good health is a HIGH and BALANCED heart rate variability (HRV) score.


Because HRV impacts your body’s ability to RECOVER and ADAPT to stress and your environment. And since it’s nearly impossible to avoid stress in your life, you want be able to handle it WELL so you don’t find yourself exhausted, overwhelmed, and unable to accomplish what needs to get done.

A high HRV score means your body is responsive to BOTH sets of input in your autonomic nervous system (parasympathetic and sympathetic branches). This indicates your nervous system is balanced and has a high capability of easily adapting to different environments (whether stressful or relaxing) and can perform at its BEST.

Low HRV is often a marker poor health and is associated with inflammation, chronic pain, insomnia, fatigue, a dysregulated nervous system, and other stress-related problems.

At Restore we use OBJECTIVE data to identify and assess the root cause of your health concerns because our symptoms don’t tell the whole story, nor do they identify the source of where those issues are coming from.

Using 3 different neurological scans (one of those being heart rate variability) one of our doctors or staff members will interpret and explain your results to you (see video below). As your chiropractic care continues, we perform updated scans to compare change and show progress of your HRV score and other nervous system scans. It’s a rare and insightful experience to see how following your personalized chiropractic care plan improves the function of your nervous system and therefore, your overall health!

Watch Dr. Kyle’s video as he explains 3 different HRV scans, what they mean, and how you and your family can have their nervous system assessed.

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10 Ways to Improve Your HRV

What you DO, THINK, or LIMIT on a regular basis has a huge impact on your HRV score and body’s ability to rest, digest, and heal.

We believe God created our bodies to heal itself when neural pathways between the brain and body can communicate without interference and stress is removed from the nervous system (this is what chiropractic care does)! We also believe that certain lifestyle habits play a major role in helping or hurting your HRV and quality of life.

Here are 10 tips to follow to boost your HRV, ability to manage stress, and speed up recovery.

5 Things to DO to Improve HRV:

  1. Regular chiropractic adjustments

  2. Deep breathing exercises/quiet time to meditate or pray

  3. Moderate - intensity exercise 3 - 4x weekly

  4. Consistent quality sleep

  5. Take time for yourself each day. Do something you want to do (not have to do) for at least 15 minutes.

5 Things to AVOID to Improve HRV:

  1. Processed food, sugar, and highly refined oils (like canola, vegetable, etc.)

  2. Eating late, large meals

  3. Alcohol

  4. Physically overtraining

  5. Chronically stressful environments or relationships

Ready to Start Feeling Better?

The state of your health is a compound effect of the small, daily choices you make over time. You have the power to chose life, health and happiness by taking care of your nervous system, nourishing your body with real food, sleep, and exercise, and taking time to get quiet and care for yourself each day.

Don’t wait any longer. Take control of your health by calling our office at (612) 516-3090 or clicking the link below. When your nervous system is functioning well, the rest of your body can send and receive the messages it needs to feel and operate at it’s greatest potential.

We look forward to seeing you and your family in the office soon!

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