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At Restore Chiropractic, we believe in helping people live a higher quality of life for the rest of their lives. Our comprehensive chiropractic care caters to people of all stages of life and focuses on correcting the root cause of your health concerns, so you can move forward with pursuing all the things that make you, you.

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Comprehensive Chiropractic Care for the Whole Family

Prenatal Chiropractic

We’ve seen firsthand how professional chiropractic services help pregnant women have better outcomes with their labor and delivery. Our prenatal chiropractic techniques can contribute to a healthier, more comfortable pregnancy, from shorter labors to reduced pain.


Pediatric Chiropractic

Stress from the birthing process can cause a number of ailments and setbacks in a newborn child. Pediatric chiropractic services are designed to help your child be healthy, strong, and adaptable in the nervous system, and address many other health concerns.


Whole Family Chiropractic

People of all ages can benefit from the power of chiropractic care! We are a family focused chiropractic practice that can help everyone from newborns to seniors maintain and enhance physical and emotional health.


Torque Release Technique®

With our patented Torque Release Technique® (TRT), we’ll be able to locate and identify the cause of a stressed out nervous system without having to perform any twisting, cracking, or popping techniques.


What Do Chiropractic Adjustments Do?

Lower back pain that just won’t go away? Recurring discomfort during your pregnancy? Frequent headaches that occur out of the blue or aching muscles that continue to hinder your day?

Start reducing pain, correcting neurological stress and dysfunction spinal alignment, and improving your physical and emotional well-being through professional chiropractic care! At Restore Chiropractic, our motto is to “Restore your health from the inside out.”

And that’s exactly what we strive to do, enriching lives of all ages and conditions using innovative chiropractic techniques and technology specifically engineered to alleviate discomfort and enhance your life. From high end X-ray exams to neurological scans for new patients, we’re proud to be a family based Maple Grove chiropractor providing custom chiropractic solutions to various health conditions and issues.

Conditions we care for include:

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