How Chiropractic Care Can Help Relieve Baby Constipation

How Chiropractic Care Can Help Relieve Baby Constipation

When your baby isn’t sleeping through the night, neither are you. We know how your tired parent look isn’t just sleepy but a little worried, too. Upset tummies and cramping might only be the beginning of your little one’s digestive issues.

Even when you have a good idea of what is keeping your baby up, finding the right solution can be difficult. There are many different products and options available that say they offer baby constipation relief, but our clients, like Ezra , have experienced lasting results through our pediatric chiropractic services .

Signs of Chronic Constipation

Babies, toddlers, even young children often deal with digestive problems, including chronic constipation, and sometimes it takes time to figure out what causes these problems and the best solutions for your child.

However, delaying help for your child can reduce their quality of life and even lead to other problems, like fatigue, nausea, emotional distress, and trouble focusing. You can help speed up the process of finding a solution by watching for these signs in your baby.


Constipation, in general, is defined as having three bowel movements a week or fewer. Chronic constipation is characterized by having infrequent bowel movements or difficulty passing stool for several weeks or longer.

Other symptoms include:

  • Having hard or lumpy stool that’s difficult to pass.
  • Feeling pain during a bowel movement or straining to pass the stool.
  • Feeling like something is restricting the stool, like a blockage.
  • Requiring help to empty the rectum.

Common Causes

Diet and nutrition are the first things parents question when their child struggles with constipation. Gluten or dairy intolerances can cause digestive problems. A lack of magnesium or a fiber deficiency is also a possibility for chronic constipation, as are low levels of probiotics and digestive enzymes.

But, your child’s constipation could also be a neurological problem. The nerves and muscles in the digestive tract that move things along might not be working properly. This dysfunction is known as subluxation, and you may need a chiropractor for constipation to get your baby’s tract moving.

You’ve Exhausted Your Options

Whether you’re trying to find ways to help your newborn poop or relieve your toddler’s constant constipation, you’ve probably tried all of these methods and found them to be inadequate.

Diet Changes

Changing your child’s diet is a common and good first step in figuring out why a child is constipated. Cutting out gluten or dairy isolates if there is a food allergy or intolerance.

Incorporating prune juice or gripe water into your child’s diet can help, but it’s sometimes difficult to maintain these dietary changes.


Parents often turn to supplements in order to give their child the seemingly low or missing nutrients they need, like fiber, magnesium, or probiotics. You may find mixed results with this approach or challenges with getting your child to take the supplements.


Medicines like Miralax are often suggested to parents by traditional medicine when diet and supplements fail, but that can come with unwanted side effects for your child.

Relieve Constipation Through Chiropractic Care

A natural alternative for constipation relief is through chiropractic care. We dig deeper than just giving medicine by looking into how your child’s nervous system is functioning.

Our specialized techniques allow us to find the neurological stressors in your child and correct the dysfunction without the use of medicines, supplements, or even dietary changes.

Schedule an appointment today , so you can have your relaxed and healthy baby back!

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