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What Makes TRT Adjustments Better?
Jen Heupel

What Makes TRT Adjustments Better?

This week’s email is all about what makes Restore UNIQUE and how people’s lives have been transformed through Torque Release Technique (TRT) Chiropractic care.

Whether you’re brand new to our community or have been a long-time practice member, you’re sure to learn some interesting facts about our staff and office, the Integrator (the tool we use for adjustments), and how your body can heal from the inside-out.

Keep reading to learn:

  • Why Dr. Kyle and his wife Rachel started Restore Chiropractic

  • Rachel’s AMAZING story of healing

  • How TRT adjustments are DIFFERENT than an Activator and manual adjustments

  • The NEWEST team members at Restore

  • How to support our office by NOMINATING Restore as the best chiropractic clinic in Maple Grove

Dr. Kyle’s Interview on Explore Maple Grove

Check out Dr. Kyle's interview he had with Shari McGuire, Explore Maple Grove's Ambassador and Host as well as a REALTOR® with RE/MAX Results!

You’ll learn more about the Mission of Restore Chiropractic, why Dr. Kyle became a chiropractor, Torque Release Technique, and why Dr. Kyle loves the city of Maple Grove!

Meet Dr. Kyle Trontvet, Owner | Co-Founder | Chiropractor, Restore Chiropractic in Maple Grove, MN

Hopeless with Headaches to a Life Restored

Rachel, Dr. Kyle’s wife, had several chronic health issues that significantly impacted her quality of life and ability to function without prescription drugs. Listen to Rachel’s Chiropractic Story of Healing to find hope and encouragement wherever you might be on your own health journey.

A lot of people walk through our doors thinking they’ve experienced the Integrator (the tool we use for adjustments) because it looks similar to another tool called an Activator. However, just because they look alike does NOT make them EQUALLY effective.To clear up any confusion between the two, we’re covering the 3 main DIFFERENCES between the ACTIVATOR and the INTEGRATOR and how you can get the BEST results in your physical, mental, and behavioral health 😄 once you experience consistent TRT adjustments with the Integrator.

1. Direction of Adjustment: The Integrator adjusts with TORQUE, which means it can move forward, backward, and rotate to the left or right. The Activator CAN NOT turn left or right.

ADVANTAGE: Torque release provides BETTER neurological input into the nerves along the spine helping remove subluxation (nerve interference) between the brain, organs, muscles, and tissues within the body.

2. Speed of Adjustment: The Integrator delivers an adjustment at the speed of 1/10,000th of a second (3x FASTER than a chiropractor’s manual adjustment by hand or an Activator).

ADVANTAGE: A reproducible, high-speed adjustment with a faster release and recoil off a person's body, is where the magic happens. Fast adjustments WITH a fast release/recoil provide a more effective adjustment.

3. Reproducibility of Adjustment: The Integrator is preloaded or "cocked" by the doctor's hand first, and then automatically recoils and releases at a SPECIFIC speed once a certain amount of pressure is placed against the patient's body with the tip of the instrument. Adjustments with an Activator are dependent on the timing of the doctor triggering the instrument to thrust at the right time.

ADVANTAGE: Reproducibility prevents human error and variability that can occur from manual adjustments.

Get to Know our 3 NEW Team Members!

Our team is growing!! We’re excited to announce the recent additions of Kendra and Julia (chiropractic assistants) and Dr. Natalie (a DC Intern). All three women are a blessing to work with and are grateful to have the opportunity to SERVE you and your families. Get to know more about their unique chiropractic stories, backgrounds, and interests in their bios.

Kendra loves spending time outdoors 🌳 camping, hiking, and fishing with her family. She also enjoys crafting and making things out of wood.She has a dog 🐶 named Ariel, an amazing mom, and 3 siblings 👨‍👧‍👦 that she loves dearly.

Chiropractic care at Restore helped reduce the pain in her neck, headaches, and anxiety so much that she wanted to be a part of helping others reach their health goals too!✨In addition to her work at Restore, Kendra is a massage therapist and in the National Guard.“Working here is like another family. They truly care about me and everyone that walks through the door.” – Kendra

Julia is trained as an Integrative Health Coach and enjoys spending time with family and friends, playing volleyball 🏐, and learning about natural health 🌿. She comes from a big family and has 5 brothers, 4 sisters, and 7 nieces and nephews!

Julia wanted to work at Restore because she’s passionate about healthy living and healing and desired to be a part of a team that’s focused on serving the Lord by serving others through neurologically-based chiropractic care. 🧠

✨Chiropractic helped heal Julia’s body from nerve and gut issues and lessened her anxiety - so she’s grateful to have the opportunity to support the Restore community in their healing journey.

Dr. Natalie wanted to become a chiropractor because she’s passionate about helping people understand what’s going on with their health and how chiropractic can change their life. 😀

She’s been fortunate enough to receive chiropractic care her entire life since BOTH her parents are chiropractors! She loves how adjustments help her feel calm, improve her focus in school, and keep her immune system strong 💪 and body resilient to stress.

Dr. Natalie wanted to intern at Restore because of the people. She thinks Dr.Kyle and Dr. McKensie are great role models for how they treat patients and the team and knew she would grow and learn a lot!

As a busy student and intern, she’s typically always on the go, so when she gets free time she loves to RELAX! Give her a cup of coffee ☕, a book, and a sunny morning outside 🌞 and she’s one happy girl.

Fun fact: Dr. Natalie will be a 4th generation Chiropractor on her mom’s side of the family, and a 3rd generation chiropractor on her dad’s. She happens to think “it’s the best profession in the world!"

We hope you’ve learned something new today or been encouraged by hearing how neurologically-based chiropractic care has made a positive difference in the lives of our staff.

We count ourselves blessed to be a part of your healing and wellness journey and thank you for all the love and support you’ve shown us over the years.

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