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Helping Your Body Heal Faster From Injury or Sickness

Helping Your Body Heal Faster From Injury or Sickness

God has equipped us with a remarkable gift—the body’s ability to heal itself. 🥰 This inherent healing capacity works beautifully when the signaling pathways from the brain 🧠to the rest of the organs, tissues, and muscles are able to communicate without nerve interference.


✨Chiropractic works WITH the body’s innate ability to heal by removing nerve interference through gentle, specific adjustments. These life-giving adjustments allow the nervous system to work harmoniously 💫 with the rest of the body to repair, regenerate, and restore us to a state of health and vitality. 💪


Additionally, neurologically - focused chiropractic improves our Heart Rate Variability (HRV) which is a key factor in being able to adapt well to stress, wake up feeling refreshed, and recover faster from strenuous activity. Adjustments activate the vagus nerve which signals your parasympathetic nervous system to kick in. When the parasympathetic side of your nervous system is engaged your body is given the “green light” to focus on rest and recovery because your nervous system is no longer stuck in “fight or flight” mode.

Outside interventions like medication💊, physical accommodations🪑, or surgery may help a person temporarily function or feel better, but they RARELY HEAL the root cause and often come with unwanted side affects (that can lead to additional prescriptions) and make you dependent on them for life. While some medications may be necessary for a time, we believe they should be a last resort after other natural solutions and lifestyle changes have been tried.


👉Whether you’re dealing with chronic pain, sore muscles or ligaments, limited range of motion, or seasonal allergies that keep you from doing your favorite hobbies or activities of daily living, you can find hope and healing when you make sure your nervous system is functioning optimally, reduce toxin exposure, and support your brain and body through healthy lifestyle practices.


Bellow are some articles, videos, and resources about common health issues that can be helped through chiropractic care. Simply click the link to learn more about how you can support your body’s innate healing abilities with that particular topic.

Reduce Sore Muscles and Ligaments After Exercise: Do you wish you recovered faster after physical activity 💪 and didn’t need to take over-the-counter pain pills or expensive supplements to relax your muscles and ease discomfort? No problem! With consistent chiropractic care before and after your workout of choice, you can decrease recovery times and prevent sports related injuries so you can get back to doing what you love in no time!⛳️


>>Learn More: 5 Ways to Maximize Muscle Recovery


Get Rid of Seasonal Allergies: Are your itchy eyes and nose 🤧 making it miserable for you or your kids to enjoy the great outdoors this time of year? Did you know that regular chiropractic care boosts your immune system to help regulate your histamine response so you can breath easy and say goodbye to seasonal allergies and OTC meds?


>>Learn More: Natural Strategies for Tackling Seasonal Allergies + Dr. Mckensie’s Story of Healing!


Uplevel Your Athletic Game: Want to run faster 🏃, prevent injuries, or improve your balance and coordination? Unlock your athletic potential with chiropractic today!


>>Learn More: Top 5 Ways Chiropractic Boosts Athletic Performance


Prevent Sickness and Feel Better Faster: Our nervous system controls our immune system and how our body responds to invaders like bacteria and viruses. 🦠This means that a healthy nervous system promotes an excellent immune system! 😃 So if you want to get sick less often and recover faster if you do become ill, be sure to make chiropractic care part of your wellness routine!


>>Learn More: Benefits of Having a High-Functioning Immune System + Family Testimony of How Chiropractic Keeps Them Healthy


Healing doesn’t have to be a long, frustrating process😣. When your body has the proper healing environment it can recover relatively fast from injuries, illness, or workouts because the nervous system can communicate throughout the body without interference.


➡️When was the last time you had your nervous system checked to remove tension and nerve interference? Give yourself the gift of a well-functioning nervous system so you can stay active, fit, and healthy the rest of your life.


Boost your healing and athletic abilities today by scheduling an initial assessment and insight scans. We look forward to partnering with you on your wellness journey!


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